Weather Vanes

Durable, Versatile, Functional Weather vanes

Do you know which way the wind is blowing? Weather vanes can help! Sturbridge Yankee Workshop is happy to include some wonderful weather vane designs for your home, yard, garden shed or gazebo. With roof mount or garden stake, whichever way the wind is blowing you'll know!

As an added bonus, these beautiful weather vanes are made from durable, recycled cast aluminum. This means that they will retain their beautiful look season after season.

Claddagh Rooftop Weather Vane
Bantam Rooster Weather VaneCottage Sailboat Weather Vane

Labrador Retriever Rooftop Weather VaneCow Accent Rooftop Weather Vane

Our Horse Weather Vane comes in two sizes for added versatility and display in your area of choice. Horses were an integral part of home and farm life for most of early American history and continue to provide rustic, rural charm when used in home decorating; the Cow Weather Vane also offers timeless farmhouse charm

For a seasonal look that you don't want to carry throughout the year, our Bat Garden Weather Vane and the Witch Garden Weather Vane are two weather vanes that stake in the ground - rather than attach to a rooftop. To browse our entire selection of these outdoor home accents, click here.

Bat Garden Weather Vane
Horse Weather Vane Hummingbird Weather Vane