Wahoo Board Game

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Quick Overview

  • Looks and feels like an antique game
  • Play game or hang as decoration on wall
  • Game pieces and instructions included
Wahoo Board Game


Antiqued, distressed, crackled and carved game boards are predecessors of the modern day variety. Wahoo originated in the Appalachian hills and has been a popular game for decades. Most boards are used by four to six players. Hang the board up after the game for "playful" wall art. Pieces are included and rules are attached to the back of the board. Sawtooth hanger. USA. 16" square

Instructions and Video:

Roll a 1 or a 6 to start a ball. Anytime you roll a 6, extra turn. You can jump over or bump out an opponent's ball, returning it to base. You cannot jump over or land on your own ball.

SHORTCUT: Whenever a ball lands in an arrow hole by exact count, it can be moved clockwise around the arrow holes on your next turn. Move the number rolled, exiting on the path to your home area.

SUPER SHORTCUT: Roll a 1 while sitting in an arrow hole and move to the center hole. Roll a 1 to exit towards home. Enter your home line by exact count. You cannot jump your own balls. First one to have their home line full WINS.

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