Vermont Artist Fred Swan

Fred Swan

Fred Swan did not begin painting professionally until later in life. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Fred actually is a self taught artist. For his day to day job he worked as a mathematics teacher in rural Vermont.

Upon retirement in 2000, Fred seriously took to painting full time. He is the past winner of The Saturday Evening Post Cover Contest in 1979; perhaps the first time others learned of Fred's artistic talents and latched on to his style.

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Inspiration Abounds

Fred Swan has been featured in a variety of publications, such as Yankee Magazine and Vermont Life Magazine. He has become known as an accomplished landscape artist who has a stunning and recognizable style, drawing inspiration from the rustic beauty that surrounds him on a daily basis. His work is displayed in numerous private and corporate collections, like Johnson & Johnson, the estate of Malcolm Forbes and the Vermont Arts Council. Many of his paintings have also been adapted for calendars and jigsaw puzzles.

Winter Memories – Stowe PrintSeasonal Scenes

Working exclusively in acrylic paints, Fred Swan's meticulous attention to detail is supported by a very patient hand. Some of his original paintings can take 500 hours to produce, which means the length of time to create these works of art forces him to consistently limit the number made of each.

Fred Swan exposes rural country life so well because he truly has a passion for it and you can clearly see this love in all of his work over the past 30 years.

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