Update Your Kitchen Decor with Functional Accents

For many, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. Many of us grew up on home cooked meals and baking delicious goodies with parents and grandparents. Even with busy schedules, the kitchen is a hub for family members looking for a snack, leaving notes, or wanting to sit and rest for a few short minutes.

With functional kitchen accents from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, any time you spend in this space can be efficient and enjoyable, especially since many of these pieces are also decorative. If you're thinking about incorporating some new decor to breathe life back into this vital space, read on for our tips and ideas. 

Sheep Paper Towel Holder
Kitchen Accents

A Fresh Start on the Walls

Not sure where to start? Consider new wall options that will make a statement on any blank space in your kitchen. Select pieces that are both decorative and functional, that way you can save space while still remaining stylish. Our Sunny Side Magnet Board adds a vintage look to the walls of a kitchen, while adding a space to hold notes, reminders and grocery lists. The Antiqued Wall Phone Clock may not send calls your way, but it will tell you the time and it offers a hideway cubby that includes metal hooks for hanging keys. A chalkboard can prove to be useful for posting family appointments, meal plans for the week and other messages, and our Empire Wall Mount Dryer adds a vintage look to your kitchen and each arm can hold and dry hand towels, dish towels or even fresh herbs.


Sunny Side Magnet Board
Empire Wall Mount Clothes DryerAntiqued Wall Phone Clock

Stay Organized

It's important to stay neat and tidy in your kitchen. Keep your recipes organized with the Enamel Recipe Box, available in Red and White and roomy enough to hold all of your cherished recipes, new and old. Don't forget our handy Iron Recipe Hook to follow recipes with ease at eye level. You will also love the Bookshelf Pot Rack, designed to keep pots, pans, utenstils and more tucked away where most small spaces have room to spare: the ceiling.

Bookshelf Pot Rack
Enamel Recipe BoxIron Recipe Hook

Ceramic Flour Shaker2 Liter Casserole Dish
Ceramic Measuring Cups and Spoons

All the Right Cooking and Baking Tools

To get the most out of your favorite and infamous recipes you need accurate tools that also add style to your beautiful kitchen. Our Ceramic Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons are the best options for getting the perfect measurements with every solid and liquid ingredient. The Ceramic Flour Shaker offers even flour distribution on a pastry mat or when you need to add just a sprinkle of flour to dough or other recipes and dishes. Whip up your favorite desserts, casseroles and meals in our high quality bakeware; and the Butter Churner may seem like more of a novelty item, but you can have fresh, homemade butter at the turn of a handle, which is truly priceless.

Cat Kitchen GraterCat Measuring Spoon Set

Wood Mug RackBlack Cat Ceramic Mug w/ Lid
Classic Hand-Churn Coffee GrinderPerk Up

Our Classic Coffee Grinder is an antique reproduction with an adjustable fine-to-coarse grinder. Ready to brew, Enamelware Coffee Percolator will make you the perfect cupof coffee. With a simple red and white design, this percolator forces the boiling water up through the coffee grinds, filtering it through a separate chamber to produce a delicious and smooth cup of coffee. Durable enamelware makes it perfect for camping too. Single-serve coffee drinker? Keep your pods in our Let's Be Awesome Holder on a kitchen counter or shelf so you can easily make your cup of joe and be on your way.
Let's Be Awesome Coffee Pod HolderEnamelware Coffee Percolator

Shake it Up

Do you collect salt and pepper shakers? Perhaps you know someone who does. Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have a range of shakers to suit many styles and events. Start with the colorful charm of our lively Fox Salt and Pepper Shakers to bring the look together in your traditional or country inspired kitchen. Change out these functional accessories throughout the year to reflect the seasons or holidays, orjust simply add to your collection. You'll be sure to charm your guests and their palates when these shakers are on display.

Wire Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Caddy
Sitting Hens Salt & Pepper ShakersFox Salt and Pepper Shakers

Half Round Plate Rack Set of Large Wire Baskets
Heart Handle Wood Tote

Maximize Your Space

Organize items and keep clutter off of your counters with functional kitchen pieces that double as decorative accents when put on display. If counter space is an issue for keeping items in check, Set of Large Wire Baskets will keep items elevated, organized and showcased on any wall or flat surface if one is available. These functional pieces can also hold plants or decorative accents all year long. For kitchens with ample counter space, lazy Susans, glass storage jars, bowls, countertop cupboards and other accents will keep necessities in reach and enhance the charm of any space with their decorative appeal. 

Cottage CupboardTiered Black Lazy Susan