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The exchanging of ones' sentiment, gratitude or affection can be achieved through the giving and receiving of a gift. There are many occasions on which a gift is appropriate: birthdays, weddings, the busy holiday season, anniversaries, and the list goes on. Whatever the event or even just because, you can rest assured that a gift from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop is one that your recipient will enjoy for many years to come. Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, no matter what the item are qualities anyone will surely appreciate. At SYW you can browse by the particular interest of the gift's recipient, making the overall shopping experience much easier; thus saving you time. And who knows, maybe you'll find something for yourself as well.

Unique Gifts

Pine Utility Board With Handles

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RUSTIC COUNTRY COLLECTION Handcrafted multifunctional solid knotty pine utility board can be used in the kitchen to create extra, sometimes much needed, counter space on your stove. You can also use it as a  ...

Decorative Birds Set

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An artist's interpretation inspired by wood carvings of a cardinal, chickadee, sparrow and oriole with the sweetest of faces. Inspire a woodland feel anywhere in your home. Accent a plant or use for a table  ...