Trim Your Holiday Tree

Take a look at the Christmas ornament and light collections you have in storage. Is there a color that is more predominant? How about a theme? Perhaps you have more animal ornaments or vintage ornaments than you do others. By taking a moment to reevaluate what ornaments you already have at home, it is easier to add new ones to the mix each year.

Take a look below or browse our Holiday Catalog for some of our newest and favorite ornaments, tree toppers and other tree trimmings, as well as some of our pre-lit trees for making Christmas a little more brighter and well decorated. 

Metal Star Tree Topper
Lighted Feather TreesLighted Flocked Tree

Choose a Color Theme

Many of us have oodles of Christmas ornaments in storage around the house, and some of us even display multiple Christmas trees just to use up the stockpile of available decorations. This year, focus your assortment by selecting a color scheme that can carry throughout the house.

Ticking Cardinal Tree Skirt

Clean and Bright

Red and white are opposite colors in a very obvious fashion. Red is bright, cheerful and full of emotion: the color of poinsettias, holly berries and Santa's suit. White is clean, crisp and classic: the color of snow, ice, and angel wings. Use these two colors that are eye-catching, iconic hues for decorating any space this holiday season, and well into winter.

Green and gold also complement rich reds during the holiday season, and provide an appealing contrast to the brightness of white finishes.

Owl & Pine Globe OrnamentGlittered Santa Ornament Set

Gleaming & Glittering

 We all know how magical ice looks as it forms on a window pane, or as soft white snowflakes gently fall from the ice blue sky. When the sun hits the ice it creates a glittering, gleaming, magical effect that makes the days feel a bit warmer than they are. You can recreate this same sense of magic by adding glittering ornaments and warm lighting to your Christmas tree; when the lights hit the ornaments they will produce sparkle and a whimsical effect sure to ignite wonder in anyone's heart.

Crescent Bearded Santa OrnamentMistletoe Mazy Ornament

Swishes & Dots Tree Ornament

Homespun Holidays

Homemade holidays charm is hard to beat, but when you are not able to make your own decorations, we have many options that will offer the same handmade appeal. Recreate nostalgic charms with retro inspired pieces that may remind you of something your grandmother or mother would have had on display. Charm the youth of today with stories of days gone by and Christmases past. Rekindle family time spent around the holiday tree, decorating together and celebrating the joys of Christmas.

Vintage Doll OrnamentHenry Flies In Ornament