Time Marches On

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Every home needs a great clock. In fact, every room could use one, too. Keep track of the time and add a charming decorative accent to any room with versatile clock options. Designs featuring everything from animal themes to traditional styles will keep you busy as you browse through our wide selection.

All of these clocks will sit conveniently on any wall of your home, and make wonderful additions to a clock collection or antique collection in any room; you can also find other clocks in our catalog and online in order to fill your home with these wonderful timepieces and stay on track throughout the day.

Route 66 Clock width=Metal Pinwheel Clock

Time For Some History

It has been said that the word "clock" is ultimately derived from the Celtic words clagan and clocca, meaning "bell." Did you know clocks that operate silently, or without chimes chimes, bird songs or other indicators of the passing minutes, are commonly referred to as timepieces. Timepieces have been used for centuries to measure the passing of time. The earliest clocks, often in the form of sundials, relied on the sun. Although antiqued, our clocks are all battery operated so you do not need to worry about them not working once the sun sets.

Morse Porthole Clock
United Time Accent ClockRussell Square Clock

Merchantile Wall ClockVictoire Wall Clock
Bird Songs Wall ClockTimeless Timepieces

Clocks have been produced in America since around the mid 1850's, and production reportedly began in Massachusetts. Antique clocks can be found in antique markets and malls alike, each carrying a piece of personal history with them. This clock adds a nostalgic look to a kitchen or entryway while telling you the present time all day long, and adds a comforting look among your primitive home accents and timeless collectibles. 

Square Red Retro ClockVintage Paris Table Clock

Book of Nature ClockTime Spent with Cats Clock

Thematic Clocks

Electric clocks have been in use since 1840 when the invention of the dry cell battery made it possible to create a clock that was powered by electricity. You can enjoy the time you spend studying these clocks as they all feature impressive motifs and imagery appealing to any home. Enhance a farmhouse themed kitchen, create a vintage look or add a beach-scape look to any room with the options shown here. Unlike the early electric clocks of centuries ago, these will operate much longer.

Rise N' Shine Clock
Morning Rooster ClockFriends & Neighbors Clock

Sun & Moon SundialDragonfly Sundial
Pinecone Thermometer Clock

Outdoor Options

Telling the time outdoors has never been easier with American-made options available on our website. With options that also feature a temperature gauge, it is easy to feel encouraged to spend more time outdoors enjoying your gardening or the company of friends on the porch. Crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum, these options will withstand the tests of, well, you guessed it: time. 

And if you feel inclined to evoke a more primitive feel in your timekeeping and outdoor spaces, our selection of sundials has got you covered. 

Lab Thermometer ClockAcanthus Thermometer Clock


An idea born around a campfire, the original DayClock™ makes it easy to keep track of the days when there's no cell phone reception or day-of-the-week function on your wristwatch, and you're enjoying your time in the outdoors or in a cabin on a secluded lake. If you also want to know the time, there are additional versions of the DayClock™ with time-telling abilities. Choose your favorite frame and hang it in your home, or give as a gift to a retiree or friend who needs a helpful reminder of what day it is. 

Black Day & Time DayClock™