Time For Turkey

Why celebrate turkeys just once a year? Let us give this gregarious bird the attention it deserves all year long! Turkeys are wonderful options for decorating throughout autumn and well into the holiday season. Here are just a few of our favorite turkey themed home accents along with some fun turkey facts.

Turkey in a Top Hat PillowAlmost Famous

Did you know that the wild turkey was Benjamin Franklin's choice for the national bird of the United States? Not quite as majestic as the bald eagle, but they do have rather pretty feathers. Here in New England, wild turkeys roam free in large groups, often right across main roads to reach food on the other side. Wild turkeys typically forage on forest floors and can also be found in grasslands and swamps. They especially like to feed on nuts, seeds, fruits and insects. These wild turkeys will not eat you out of house and home but they will offer seasonal charm for any room.

Turkey Leaf Candle HolderMetal Turkey Sculpture

Fine Feathered Friends

Equally suitable for decorating throughout harvest and autumn, turkeys add rustic, country appeal to your home. Did you know that is it only the male turkeys that display ruffled feathers, fanlike tail, bare head, and bright beard associated with these birds. They also make a distinctive gobble sound that can be heard from at least a mile away. Females lay anywhere from four to seventeen eggs. Young turkeys quickly learn to fend for themselves as their mothers only feed them for the first few days, often becoming mothers to many chicks all at once.

Gobble till You Wobble Turkey Towel
Turkey Star Felt PillowWild Turkeys Print