Thanksgiving and Harvest

While only here one day of the year, Thanksgiving decorations can be showcased throughout the entire harvest season, including pumpkins, turkeys, fall leaves and more.

Here we have gathered together a handful of our favorite harvest-themed Sturbridge Yankee Workshop items that we know will coordinate well with the rooms of your country home. From the simplest of items to those that really make a statement, Thanksgiving is going to look great this year!

Full Moon Maple Leaf Ornament
Ever Thankful Felt PillowFall Farmer's Market Tins

Pilgrim Children Soft SculpturesPilgrim Soft Sculptures
Pumpkin Farm Framed PrintHistorical Roots

The very first Thanksgiving took place around the year 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. After one year in the "new world," the approximately 50 surviving Pilgrims celebrated their first successful harvest with help of the Native Americans, who taught them how to both grow crops on the new land and how to properly catch fish from the Atlantic Ocean.

The true national holiday of Thanksgiving, as recognized by all states, began in 1863 when President Lincoln declared this "day of thanks" to be held each year in November.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Wishes PrintAutumn Jute Trivet

Seasonal Statements

Colors of fall are ones we sure can get used to. Bold oranges, reds, golds and muted greens are arranged beautifully, as if painted across the canopy of trees. Pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers, berries and corn fields help bring these hues to life and surround us everywhere we go in the months of October and November.

Capture the essence of autumn with thematic home accents that capture the mood, color and scenes from the world around us. Who says fall imagery should be left to our backyards and gardens?

Harvest Thyme Sheep PrintAutumn Harvest Pillow