Task Lighting

Task lighting is an important part of illuminating the rooms and spaces within your home, including (but not limited to) the living room, a home office, bedroom and even the bathroom. These lighting options for your ceiling, walls, tabletops and floors are anything but boring.

Here are a few - but not all - of the stylish and functional lighting pieces that shine a whole new light on the word "task," all of which you can find right here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. 

Conway Torchiere Floor Lamp

Mini Fort Hill Pendant

Mini Pendants

Ceiling light fixtures are great choices for any room of your home, providing you with enough light to carry out everyday activities in style. Mini pendants are especially great for adding light to a kitchen counter or island; use multiple to create a sense of cohesion in the room and to give you consistent lighting.

You can also illuminate a small workspace or desk with a mini pendant, so writing or reading is easier on your eyes. You can also choose to add some extra flair to a plain closet in a bedroom or hallway, and make it easier to find the best outfit or items you've stored away.

Cordello Petite Mini Pendant
Forged Iron Cage Mini Pendant

Wall Sconces

Wall lighting is again a great choice for your home, especially in a bathroom where you need light at eye or face level. Wall sconces complement your home's design while giving you just the right amount of light for passing through the rooms of your home. Place two on either side of a bathroom vanity, a doorway, or have multiple leading up a staircase to illuminate your way at night. From modern to antique, primitive to industrial, outdoor to indoor, you'll find just the right sconce to help you get ready in the morning and be there when you walk through the door in the evening.

Antique Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Simplicity Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Pleated Bronze Adjustable Floor LampBradley Adjustable Floor Lamp
Adjustable Lamps

Many table and floor lamps are ideal lighting options because of their mobility and adjustable features. Choose where you want the light pointed, how high or low you need the light to be and be productive in a workspace or on the sofa as you read a book.

The Cumberland Adjustable Lamps even feature a swiveling shade which, like our Swing Arm Lamps, provide more specific positioning. Whatever your choice, these task lights give you an ideal amount of lighting in stylish forms. 

Jules Task Lamp
Granger Adjustable Floor LampIron Vine Torchiere Floor Lamp