Sunny Sunflower Decor

Sunflowers: A Condensed History

Sunflowers are native to the Americas and were actually seen as far back as 2600 B.C. in what is now present day Mexico. The name - which you can probably guess - was derived from the sunflower's very obvious, bright yellow flower that resembles our very own sun.

Sunflowers in Bloom Placemat

Traditionally, Native Americans would line the edges of their fields with sunflowers as a way to "guard" their other three precious crops of the time: beans, corn and squash.

In the 16th century, seeds were brought to Europe and the use of sunflower oil became quite common in cooking; a technique that is still widely used today. Additionally, the seeds themselves have become a popular snack, although our favorite use is incorporating these flowers into country home accents.


Vintage Sunflower Pillar CandlesSunflower & Corn Husk Wreath

Sunflower and Checks

Two of our favorite country motifs - sunflowers and check - are paired on our Penny and Check Sunflower Pillow; a perfect accent for a rustic bench, country chair or living room sofa. The classic check pattern is also accented by sunflowers on the You Are My Sunshine Doormat, which offers a complementary look when used throughout your home. 

You Are My Sunshine DoormatPenny and Check Sunflower Pillow

Sunflower Wall Border

Sunshine for Your Walls

As you can see on the above valance and collection, sunflowers come in all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for the perfect way to accent a blank wall this season, consider a sunflower themed print or decorative wreath. French Sunflower Prints feature an up-close look of a sunflower and bumble bee, backdropped by more blooms and a folk art design. There's no denying that our Triple Sunflower Wreath will make you smile every time you see it. Offering rustic country appeal, Sunflower Seed Sign is made here in the USA. Any of these options will do wonders for your sunflower themed decor in any room.

Country Sunflowers Framed Print
Sunflower Seed Sign Triple Sunflower Wreath

Country Sunflower Wool PillowSunflowers in Full Bloom

Sunflowers really do look good on everything and in every room. Sunflower & Blue Jay Potholder offers a sure way to make a cheerful statement in your kitchen or dining room. Sunflower Decor Pillow offers wonderful vintage inspired appeal with a handwritten letter overlaying colorful imagery of a gardener's favorite flowers. Stamped postage in the corner completes the vintage mail aesthetic. Sunflower yellow, blue, green and red are all wonderful colors for decorating an entire room with these appealing flowers.
Valencias Sunflower Clock Sunflower & Blue Jay Potholder

Sunflowers Underfoot

Accent rugs and mats are suitable for the entrance of your home, in front of the kitchen sink or perhaps underneath a small table. Our Sunflower Indoor/Outdoor Rug is full of realistic details accented by a pop of vibrant color, making a bold statement in an entryway or on a covered porch (two other color options available). Provence Sunflowers Rug brings the brightness and warmth of harvest floral motifs to your home. An Anti-Fatigue Mat provides additional comfort with a plush surface and a no-slip grip. 

Round Sunflower Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Provence Sunflowers Rug Sunflower Indoor/Outdoor Rug