Sunny Sunflower Decor

Brighten Your Decor with Sunflowers

Among the 400,000 known flower species around the world, the sunflower remains one of the top most popular flowers of all time. It's certainly easy to see why they stand out. Sunflowers grow tall and their bright yellow flame-like petals surround a dark inner circle that does indeed remind you of the sun. And, because yellow has a positive effect on mood, placing them around the home instantly brightens the atmosphere.

Faux Mini SunflowersCat in Sunflowers Pillow
Under the Sun Bench Cushion

The uplifting sunflower inspires many decorative ideas, and here is where you can find numerous ways to add a little floral sunshine to your home décor. One of the most popular ways to enjoy sunflowers year-round is to create instant bouquets using permanent Faux Mini Sunflowers. Just like people have done since ancient times, you can enjoy arranging and displaying them for an instant feel-good boost.

Under The Sun Table RunnerUnder The Sun Pillow

Sunflower Wall Border

Floral Sunshine for Your Walls

The walls in your kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room are a blank canvas for decorative sunflower wall art. It's like hanging sunshine on the wall!

Their sun-like beauty certainly inspired one famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh. He painted four different versions of sunflowers bursting from a simple vase, each one distinctive in its own way. Two of his sunflower paintings hang in museums. One is in a private collection, and unfortunately, one has been destroyed by fire. All are celebrated for being unique interpretations of still life floral beauty.

Thanks to the efforts of many talented artists, you too can brighten the walls of your home with down-to-earth wall art pieces featuring sunflowers.

Sunflowers in a Basket Sign
Sunflower Seed SignCountry Sunflowers Framed Print

Sunflower Bouquet PillowSunflowers in Bloom Placemat
Vintage Sunflower Accent LampSunflowers Around the Home

Because we know you love sunflower items of all kinds, we're making it easy for you to find those special decorative items that add a spark of brightness to any space. Find everything from sunflower pillows to sunflower placemats to sunflower potholders. If you're a lover of sunflowers, you can decorate a space or an entire room with the image of your favorite flower. Sunflowers make the home feel more cheerful, and our items such as the adorable Sunflower Lamp have timeless appeal.
Sunflower & Blue Jay PotholderValencias Sunflower Clock

Fleur-de-Lis Sunflower Anti-Fatigue MatYou Are My Sunshine Doormat
Sunflowers Underfoot

Expand the sunflower decorative accent theme to the floors in your home and to the porch or patio with durable doormats and rugs. Places to put them include entryways, hallways, in front of the kitchen sink or inside a mudroom. Browse our selection for designs that go great with your indoor and outdoor style theme.

The Provence Sunflowers Rug brings the brightness and warmth of harvest floral motifs to your home, and the Sunflower Fatigue Mat offers French country charm as well as extra comfort underfoot. Coordinate the Sunflowers in a Basket Doormat with the sign above for a complementing look outside your home.

Round Sunflower Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Provence Sunflowers Rug Sunflowers In A Basket Doormat