Sturbridge Santas

Santa has been given many names over the years. Santa, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, St. Nick, Father Christmas and the list goes on if you begin including variations from other languages. The roots of where Santa Claus originated from stem from a combination of folklore in Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, and Great Britain.

This is where perhaps you have heard of Sinterclaas. Sinterclaas, who decides who is naughty and nice like our western understanding of Santa does, arrives by steam boat and chooses to ride a white-gray horse; as opposed to a sleigh and eight reindeer. Whatever you choose to call this jolly gift giving man in your home, he always finds a place in our hearts.

Painted Canvas Santa Collectibles
Santa with Tree and Deer SculptureAnchors Away Nautical Santa Sculpture

Extra Special Santas

The Santa Pants Gourd Bowl is ideal for housing wrapped candies or for filling with greenery in a centerpiece. The feet and "pants" are handgrown gourds, so each bowl will be unique. Vintage and retro interpretations of St. Nick also bring a special look to Christmas decor, with texture and unique details that are timeless and sure to charm. 

Teddy Bear Santa Sculpture
Believe Santa Soft SculptureSanta Pants Gourd Bowl

Blue Santa Sleigh Hooked Wool PillowWoodland Santa Hooked Wool Pillow
Flying Santa Felt Applique Pillow

Santa Pillows

Ready to support you when you need a break from holiday shopping and festivities, these hooked wool pillows offer comfort and cheer wherever they are displayed. Add a nostalgic look to a sofa, create a nature-inspired display on an entryway bench or add seasonal flair to a bedroom.  All of our Santa pillows are ready to bring cheer to all who are near on cold winter nights.

Reversible Ho Ho Ho PillowSanta's Birdhouse Pillow

Marching Santa Coasters

Nostalgic Santas

Carry the historic traditions of St. Nicholas with you every holiday season with nostalgic wall art, sculptures, toys and other home accents that celebrate this jolly character.

Varying portrayals of this bearded symbol, like those seen here, make for eye-catching displays, fun gifts and welcome winter guests with whimsical charm and comfort. 

Folk Art Santa & Evergreen PrintSanta With His Pack Print