Standard Nostalgic Bulb

Standard size exposed filament light bulbs offer a warm glow akin to early nostalgic American lighting, perfect for using with ceiling pendants, overhead lighting and dim hallways
Item No: 42202X
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Product Highlights
  • Offers a warm glow akin to early American lighting
  • Works with traditional or modern styles
  • Makes for an intriguing conversation piece
  • Exposed filaments replicate early 1900s designs
Product Description

Standard Nostalgic Bulb
Gather around the kitchen table with friends and family under the warm glow of this bulb, reminiscent of the early days of electric lighting. Antique glass bulb, reminiscent of early glass production, emits a warm glow when lit. Quad loop filament design, circa early 1900s, features four loops of filaments in the center of the bulb. Glass tip is iconic of early bulb construction. For traditional to ultra-modern decorating styles. Popular choice for exposed pendants, ceiling fixtures and sconces. Grab the look that everyone is going for by using this bulb in your home lighting solutions. Choose from 40 watt or 60 watt. Imported.
Approximately 4"H