Specializing in Scents

Using different scents in order to evoke feelings or to change moods has been practiced for centuries. Scented candles, herbal sachets and reed diffusers offer wonderful fragrances for your country home.
Scented Camping Mug Candle

Scented Candles and Decor

Scented candles are one of the best ways to bring beautiful aromas into your country home. Sturbridge Yankee Workshop's versatile scented candles like the Crow Candle recall a hot buttered maple syrup fragrance. Scented Camping Mug Candles in cinnamon, coffee, pine and the chocolatey goodness of s'mores double as mugs when the wax is gone for camping trips and overnight outdoor adventures. Spiced Hot Pads offer functionality in addition to a warm, inviting scent in a kitchen or dining room.  

Housewarmer Jar CandleCardinal & Branch Spiced Hot Pad

For a more subtle cinnamon scent, many of our Forever Pillar Candles feature a sprinkle of cinnamon on their tops which add both a rustic look and inviting scent to any room.

See it up close on our Dutch Tulips Forever Pillar Candles, the Bunny & Butterflies Forever Pillar Candle, and more

Dutch Tulips Forever Pillar Candles

Sachets for Anywhere in the Home

Sachets fill your country home with the healing, refreshing scent of flowers and spices, while adding beauty to your surroundings and daily life. Calming, rejuvenating and powerful aromatherapy benefits have been known for centuries. Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we offer a few beautiful ways to enjoy delicate and calming fragrances with sachets. All of these items keep clothes smelling fresh in a drawer, luggage or hanging with your linens in a closet.

Sunflower & Blue Jay SachetPineapple Sachet