Simple Bathroom Decor

Don't forget to add simple accents to your bathroom; it may surprise you how wonderful a bathroom looks after it has been accessorized. From your sink to your shower, storage options to making your morning routine a little easier, you will find an array of bathroom decor here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Wire Wall Caddy

From Common to Classic

Hand soap and toothbrush storage are two of the simplest ways to add flair and personality to your wash station. Use a washed Mason jar for keeping toothbrushes in one place and to add traditional and antique appeal to any bathroom décor; pour your favorite hand soap into our Mason Jar Soap Dispenser for a coordinating look. If you're lacking in counter space, a Wire Wall Caddy is the perfect solution to storing toothbrushes, soap, hair accessories and other bathroom items that need to be easily accessible yet put away neatly. Your bathroom will be organized and charming in no time! 

Pint Mason JarPint Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Rack Up Your Towels

With busy mornings and multiple family members, your bathroom can end up looking like the aftermath of a bad storm. One of the best ways to avoid such a mess is through the use of a convenient and versatile towel rack or towel bar that can both store your towels and hang them up to dry. This is also a great way to incorporate décor in your bathroom; an elegantly designed Towel Wall Rack or a decorative Towel Bar holding your themed or matching towels fills the room and gives you and your guests something nice to admire. Some towel racks can even be used in other rooms of the house – our Iron Towel & Wine Bottle Wall Rack can be used in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen for displaying your nicest bottles of wine.

Iron Towel & Wine Bottle Wall Rack
Wrought Iron Towel BarTowel Wall Rack

Versatility in Small Spaces

Versatile storage options are made for the surfaces you already have in your home – and that doesn’t stop at the door of your bathroom. Whether it’s extra counter space, the back of your toilet or on a large windowsill, bathroom storage (and décor!) is all about being creative.

Bathroom RackThe Bathhouse Shelf

Style Your Shower

If you don't have a lot of counter space or have limited space on your bathroom walls to hang prints and art, the shower curtain is the best accent to employ for enhancing the style of any bathroom. Plaid, checks, frills and other patterns and designs take an otherwise drab area of the bathroom and make it possibly the most stylish area, especially when hung with decorative shower curtain hooks. Most of our shower curtains coordinate with curtain collections, like our Sturbridge Plaid and Classic Country Check, so you can carry the look throughout each room of your home to maximize the delightful look. 

Classic Country Check Shower Curtain
Sturbridge Plaid Shower CurtainFern Garden Shower Curtain