Scented Firestarter

Made in the USA scented firestarters are indoor and outdoor fireplace and fire pit essentials to start and keep a fire burning.
Item No: 6A010
Product Highlights
  • Makes starting a warm fire easier
  • Warm scents emit home and natural comfort
  • Use on an outdoor or indoor fire
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Product Description

Scented Firestarter
When you need a little extra help starting the fire in the woodstove or in a fireplace outdoors, these Firestarters are exactly what you need, and not only to stay warm; their comforting cinnamon scent will leave you more relaxed as you sit around a nicely built fire. Crafted from paraffin soy wax and recycled wood pellets, these eco friendly firestarters will not only start the fire, they will help maintain the life of your heat sources by burning slowly, up to 35 hours. USA. Contains 10 pods