Sawdust City

The story behind Sawdust City and how it came to be is quite touching and one that we are proud to share with you. Liz and Lanny Collins, husband and wife from Eau Claire, Wisconsin have three children: Morgan, Haley and Reid. The youngest, Reid, was born in 1995 and, unfortunately due to a severe illness, went through major surgeries during a stay at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital.
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Thankfully, the family was blessed with Reid's miraculous recovery and were able to finally enjoy time all together at home. However, due to the high cost of medical bills, and the importance of not exposing the Collins' son to many harmful environmental factors, the family needed to find alternative sources for income and creativity. The story goes that the following Christmas they made handmade gifts for everyone on their list. Soon the phone began to ring and the rest, as they say, is history.

Morgan's School Project

 Originally considering the name 'Collins Designs,' Liz and Lanny eventually decided on Sawdust City. While daughter Morgan was doing a school project on the town's history, they discovered that Sawdust City was Eau Claire's nick name. This area of Wisconsin is rich in lodging history and Lanny's grandfather, Gerry Miller, was a lumberjack back in the day; hence the Paul & Babe company logo. After five years of working two jobs and multitasking the many facets of business, Lanny was able to focus solely on Sawdust City's success. Today, their shop is located on the north side of Eau Claire with a small staff. Sawdust City has been recognized nationally and has even had three of their products featured in New York Times Magazine.

Farmhouse Bench Knotty Pine Shelf Bench
Knotty Pine Locker

Quality Made Furniture

Seen above on the left is our Farmhouse Bench. Its narrow design makes it the perfect bench for the hallway, entryway or mudroom. To the above right is our Knotty Pine Shelf Bench, another fabulous seating and storage option from Sawdust City. A large bottom shelf space is perfect for storing filled baskets, or to keep larger items off the floor.

All of Sawdust City's furniture pieces are handmade of solid knotty pine wood. They use screws and plugs, rather than nails or staples, to secure products together.

The natural appearance of knots, variances in color, finish or wood should be expected due to the handcrafted nature. Each and every product that comes from the Sawdust City shop in Wisconsin is intended to have an old look and feel; thus no two items are exactly the same!

Solid Pine Wood With Time Worn Appeal

Sawdust City uses the highest quality pine wood to create their furniture pieces, and same goes for their vintage farmhouse signs. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have a large variety of Sawdust City signs that cover many themes, such as charming holiday messages.

These particular seasonal signs include our At Christmas Time Sign, our Sleigh Rides & Cocoa Sign, the beautifully simple Believe Sign, and more.


At Christmas Time Sign

Sleigh Rides SignBelieve Sign

Happiness, Health & Wealth Sign
Nostalgic Signs

Moving on from seasonally themed signs, Sawdust City provides Sturbridge with a wide assortment of "around the house" or "everyday" signs, too. Our Happiness, Health & Wealth Sign is scripted in Celtic style, with white lettering set against a crisp black background. Adding charm and humor to your country home, the three wishes for happiness, health and wealth are granted since "what you think about you bring about." Also adding charm and humor is our our Hokey Pokey Sign for a family room or game room: 'Nuff said. Our whimsical Bath Sign is the perfect vintage accent for you guessed it, the bathroom, washroom or powder room if you please.
Hokey Pokey SignBath Sign

Paw-fect Signs For the Pet Lovers In Your Life

Give some love to the furry friends in your life with the many dog and cat themed signs avaialble. Featured here we have our Dog Comforts Sign and the What Part of Meow Sign; perfect gifts for the dog or cat lover in your life. Hang above your pet's bowl or among treasured photos throughout your home.

What Part of Meow SignDog Comforts Sign

Green Saw Dust

Sawdust City is happy to announce that they have been recognized as an entirely "green" company. After research and verification from their lumber supplier, they can proudly say that all of the lumber used to create their products is provided by high quality sawmills who follow Green Forestry Initiatives. It's not only the wood that's eco-friendly, it's the water based paints they finish with too. Water based paints are water soluable, meaning they can be disposed of safely and will not contaminate the water supply like oil based paints and stains do. Sawdust City does their part to take care in all disposal of waste and recycle as much as possible.

Rustic Side Table

Thank you Sawdust City for providing us with quality, made in the USA products over the years!