Salt Kilned Pottery Lamps


Salt is infamousely used to heighten flavors in recipes or to add some interest to savory flavors, but its significance to home decor is just as prominent; more specifically in the process of crafting of stoneware. This mineral has been historically used as part of an old form of glazing dishes, bowls and other containers. When it comes to crafting stoneware, the process involves tossing salt into the kiln while the clay bakes. Sodium from the salt meets the silica in the clay creating a glassy like surface, as seen on our Country Classic Lamps.

Classic Country Lamp Collection

Country Classic Lamp Red

Speciality Process

This form of glazing requires a specialty kiln as vapors from the glaze are very caustic, eating metal and particular types of brick. Different elements in the salt create a wide variety of colors: blues, browns and even purples. The process of salt firing is an entire operation full of different possibilities; variables from the amount of salt, the type of salt, firing temperature, the size of crystals, all dictate a different result. That means there are two distinct art forms at work when making a piece of salt kilned pottery: the creation of the actual piece itself and the labor intensive glazing process.

Handcrafted in America

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop carries handcrafted lamps made right here in America. When you buy one of these lamps you are getting a unique piece like no other. The process of making hand-glazed Country Classic Lamps creates a unique lamp each and every time. The unique glaze keeps most of the blemishes off, so that the lamps are almost completely smooth and rich in color with only minute imperfections that make them unique. The finish is rustic and old world with a satin finish - perfect for any home decor style.

Country Classic Lamp Blackberry

Country Classic Lamp Green

Unique Pieces of Art

Each lamp arrives with a signature stamp in the clay, so that you know you are getting the real deal. The base is left unfinished for a better grip on surfaces, adding to the lamp's stability. The jug handles are applied by hand and create a perfect traditional or country look. Need a big lamp or a small lamp? We have the right size to fit your needs with the Country Classic Lamp Collection. This collection exemplifies what beautiful pottery can do for your space with full colors and classic styling, and they are a great addition to any home.