Single Moth Designed Sachet Set

Chase the moths away using sachets when storing blankets and sweaters. Sachet set acts to protect your belongings during the summer months filled with natural dried spices well known to act as moth repellents.
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Product Highlights
  • Filled with cloves, orange peel and cedar chips
  • Printed image on woven cotton
  • Wrapped with a sage, satin ribbon
Product Description

Single Moth Designed Sachet Set
Use when storing blankets and sweaters, to protect during summer months or impart a fresh clean scent to your closets and drawers all year long. Centuries ago, household linens and clothing were kept fresh and free of moths by the use of spices and herbs. More appealing than moth balls, our Moth Sachets are filled with natural cloves, orange peel and cedar chips.

Displaying an image of a bright orange moth with sage greenery throughout, the sachets are both functional and decorative. Packaged sweetly as a set of two and wrapped with a sage satin ribbon. 100% Woven cotton. Spot clean. USA. Approximately 1"H x 4" square each.