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Ensure the protection of your floors and the cleanliness of your rugs with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop's collection of Rug Accessories. Designed to keep your rugs and stair treads firmly in place, rug pads and liners also extend the life of your floor coverings, while the rug spot remover ensures your rugs stay clean for years to come. Whether you live in a cabin, cottage or country home, let our rug accessories increase the durability and longevity of your rugs and floors.

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Keep your area and braided rugs smoothed and in place with our quality Rug Libers. We recommend that you use a pad under all of your rugs. They provide safety from slipping and protection from unnecessary wear. ...
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Doubles as both a rug liner and an added cushion for your rug to extend rug life and reduce puckering. Our Rug Pads work perfectly on all floor surfaces. 10 year warranty. Neutral gray ...