Roosters in Every Room

Rise & Shine Mother Cluckers Sign

Cock-a-doodle-doo! We all know the familiar sound that a rooster makes, notoriously at the most inconvenient times in the morning. Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we adore farmhouse friends, especially the rooster, and enjoy the country feel that rooster themed decor can bring into a home.

Whether you live in a rustic, primitive farmhouse or enjoy the high ceilings and tall windows of a big city flat, roosters are a versatile style that work well with any decor.

Rooster and Flowers Farmhouse PillowRooster Accent Rooftop Weather Vane

Rooster Sunflower Mini PillowCluck Ruffled Mini Pillow
Coordinating Pieces

Instantly enhance the country decor theme in any room with coordinating home accents. Braided jute rugs, accent pillows and curtains decorated with roosters and similar color palettes or patterns (like checks or plaid) can give any home that French country or primitive farmhouse appeal. 

Wrought iron decor always makes a timeless statement; our selection of rooster finials, welcome signs, kitchen accessories and more create a stately and complementary look in your home. 

Rooster Jute Rug
Chicken & Rooster Curtain CollectionIron Rooster Finial

Rise N' Shine ClockBantam Rooster Weather Vane

Functional Roosters

This country rooster will keep your living spaces illuminated, offering a lighting solution that is also decorative. Meanwhile, you can keep track of the time with our stylish Morning Rooster Clock, featuring a rustic face with a crowing rooster. The Napkin Holder is a great addition to any picnic or summertime barbecue, and other barnyard friends are available to create multiple farm inspired tablescapes. Both pieces offer quaint functionality and regal style in the shape of a classic rooster.

Rooster & Chicken Wire Lamp
Morning Rooster ClockWrought Iron Rooster Napkin Holder