Roller Shade Installation Instructions

Roller Shade Instructions

Back in the 19th Century, the most common window coverings were roller shades, which were primarily used to block insects and to provide some privacy. How will you use yours? They can be a bit of trouble to install, but we're here to help. Below are instructions and helpful hints when installing them.


  • Shade mount inside and outStep 1: Measure for the bracket location: The space between the outer edge of the left side bracket and the outer edge of the right side bracket will be the same as the width listed on the package (the distance will be 34" if you purchased a 34" wide shade). Once you have measured and marked for the bracket location, hold the bracket to desired location and pre-drill screw holes.
  • Step 2: Install brackets (inside or outside mount, as shown right). The bracket with the circular opening should be mounted on the left side. The bracket with the square opening should be mounted on the right side.
  • Inserting clutch mechanism
  • Step 3: Install clutch mechanism into the right hand side of the shade (shown above). Note: clutch mechanism is present with chain connector at top of chain. When clutch mechanism is inserted into the roller tube, shade would be completely rolled up and chain link should be at or close to this position to allow for maximum extension.
  • inserting square section into bracketStep 4: Insert shade into brackets, making sure that the opening for the chain is facing downward. Insert the square fitting into the mounted bracket on the right (shown right).
    Depressing and inserting left side
    Depress the round fitting on the left side of the shade and slide into position on the mounted bracket on the left side. You will feel the left side click into place (shown above).
  • Install chain tensioner Your Roller shade is lifted and lowered using a bead chain. If unsecured, this bead chain is a free standing loop that can pose a strangulation hazard. Install pull chain taught with chain tensioner and mark hole and drill small pilot hole. Loop the chain as shown below and attach tensioner with provided screw.
    installing shade tensioner