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  • Artist Bonnie L. Mohr
  • Textured finish, espresso wood frame
  • See below for entire message

Renew Print


Renew your senses, mind, body and soul with this inspirational piece of wall art. Our Renew Print shares a motivational message to be enjoyed by you personally and family and friends for years to come. The setting could be early morning or just before sunset, whichever time of day you prefer to relax, you choose. Beautiful texture and a dream like color palette, originally painted by artist Bonnie L. Mohr. Step into the paddle boat and “renew your spirit.” Textured finish and set in an espresso wood frame. View entire printed message below. USA. 23"H x 19"W

“Come to the water. Live in the moment, and Be. Refresh your mind. Rest your body. Renew your spirit. Regain a gentle heart and Peaceful soul. Reclaim Yourself. Restore in The Power that is greater than you.” – Bonnie L. Mohr
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