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Product Questions and Information

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop provides specific product information for a wide variety of home decor and furnishings. Please choose from the following product categories:


Click Here for specific Freight Delivery information.

Does the furniture arrive assembled?
Some of our furniture arrives fully assembled, but there are some pieces that do need to be put together. It will say in the item description as to whether the item needs to be assembled.

I do not understand the assembly instructions.
We do our best to ensure assembly instructions are clear. Please call customer service at 1-800-231-8060 for additional assistance. Many of our representatives have assembled our items and would be happy to assist you.

My furniture arrived without hardware.
All furniture that needs assembling will include the hardware. If your item arrives without the hardware, please email info@sturbridgeyankee.com or call 1-800-231-8060 and we will send the hardware to you as quickly as possible.

Why do some furniture items have a delivery time of more than 4 weeks?
The furniture pieces with delivery times are shipped directly from the vendor. As a result of disruptions in the global supply chain, shipping times may be longer than usual. In addition, record package volume and COVID-19 restrictions may cause external carrier delays. Due to unprecedented demand, inbound shipments may also be impacted. All dates are subject to change. We value your trust and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Many furniture pieces are offered in a Stain color. Will these stains be compatible and what color is the stain?
Our furniture is provided to us by different vendors, so the Stain finishes will vary. We do try to show an accurate representation of the item color on our website, but if you are concerned about coordinating furniture, please call 1-800-231-8060. Many of the items are available for the customer service department to view, and we will try our best to describe the color to you.

Why are there additional shipping costs on some pieces of furniture?
On our larger pieces of furniture, there is an additional oversize charge that is added to normal shipping and delivery costs. This is due to the box size and/or weight of the piece, which accrues an additional cost from our shipping carrier.


Interested in Nostalgic Signs for your home?

Click Here to see vintage prints, folk art, and other Sturbridge Yankee Workshop wall decor!

Can I purchase a print unframed?
Our prints are sold as shown; we are unable to offer them unframed.

Can I get the frame in a different color?
We regret that we are unable to special order a specific color for a frame.

Are all of your prints matted and framed under glass?
This will be clearly noted in the item description, whether the print is matted and framed under glass. We also offer prints that are laminated. This is a clear, textured protective coating. This protects the print from damage and, in many cases, gives the image the look of an actual painting.

Are prints and signs sold ready to hang?
Our prints and signs do come with hangers attached. However, hardware is not included.

Can I get a sign custom-made to my specifications?
We are unable to special order our nostalgic signs. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to email us at info@sturbridgeyankee.com. We are always looking for new ideas!


Click Here for more information about our braided rugs!

How do I attach stair treads to my stairs?
The stair tread liner includes a roll of adhesive liner that will adhere to your stairs without damaging the stair finish. The liner includes enough material for 13 stairtreads.

I ordered the wrong size rug. How do I return it?
If the incorrect size was received, please ship the rug to Sturbridge Yankee Workshop at 90 Blueberry Road, Portland, Maine 04102. We recommend you return through UPS or Fedex, so that you may track the return. Please include your packing slip with the correct size that you need to order. If you did not receive a packing slip with the rug, please include your name and billing address, the reason you are returning the rug, and the new size and color you wish to order. Once we receive the returned rug, we will place a new order for the correct size.

How do I clean and care for my rug?
Except for the polypropylene braided rugs (which may be hosed down and laid flat to dry), we do recommend that the rugs be professionally cleaned. For any additional cleaning questions, please call 1-800-231-8060.

Do I need a rug liner?
To protect the flooring and prevent slipping, we recommend that rug liners be used with your rug. Rug pads and liners may be trimmed to the size you need.

My braided rug does not measure what I ordered.
Once the rug has been unrolled and laid down on the floor surface, the braided rug will relax and flatten out. It is not unusual for a rug to flatten another 1" - 2" in both directions.

Can I special order a rug in the colors and sizes that I need?
Some of our braided rugs can be special ordered in specific sizes and color schemes. Please call 1-800-231-8060 and we will be happy to help you. We regret that special order rugs cannot be returned.


Click Here for tips on how to use lighting in your home.

Are lamp shades included with your table and floor lamps?
Yes, all of our lamps are sold with coordinating lamp shades.

Can I purchase just the lamp shade?
Unfortunately, lamp shades are not available for purchase separately.

The table lamp I wish to purchase is sold as a set. Am I able to purchase just one?
We receive the lamps from our vendor as a set and regret that we are unable to sell only one.

What if my lamp arrives broken or damaged?
We try our best to have your items arrive in perfect working condition. But if the lamp did arrive damaged, please save the packaging that it arrived in, and call 1-800-231-8060 so that we can arrange for a replacement to be sent out to you.

What are the dimensions of a particular lamp shade?
If a lamp shade's dimension is not in the web item description, please call 1-800-231-8060 or email us at info@sturbridgeyankee.com and we will answer promptly.


Are your quilts standard bed sizes?
If quilt measurements are not included in the web item description, please call 1-800-231-8060 for exact measurements for twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

The telephone I purchased is no longer working. Can I just replace the receiver?
Yes, we can replace the receiver in the Vintage Wall Phone. We just need the serial number from the phone, which is located on the back of the phone. Call 1-800-231-8060 to make the replacement order and we will ship you a new receiver.

I received my dishes and several are chipped.
We will be happy to replace dishes or mugs in a dinnerware set if they have been damaged in shipping. Please call 1-800-231-8060 for instructions. We will ship out replacements at no cost to you.

For any additional questions, please contact us:

Email:info@sturbridgeyankee.comCustomer Service Hours:
Customer Service:1-800-231-8060Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm ET
Fax:1-207-774-7809Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET