Preserved Flower & Herb Displays

Preserved flower and herb displays are great alternatives to permanent flowers when you are looking to add a natural, put-together touch to any room. Flowers and herbs add color, texture and a cheerful display all year long in bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen or a hallway.
Town Market Bunch Hanger

Preserved Displays Offer Natural Appeal

Naturally dried and assembled by hand, these wreaths and arrangements offer just the natural look you are searching for to incorporate into your home. Featuring soft color combinations with larkspur, eucalyptus, bear grass, white sinuata and lavender, as well as natural greens and many others, these wreaths create a stunning statement on any wall. The authenticity of the materials provide charming garden-inspired looks in any kitchen or family room all year long, and make great gifts during any season.

Lavender Country Wreath
Lavender Hill WreathTriple Sunflower Wreath

Culinary Herb Wreath

Kitchen Herbs and Greens Are Culinary Favorites

Give your kitchen a whole new look with dried herbs on display on any wall. Dining rooms will benefit from these culinary displays as well. Showcase oregano, bay leaves, peppers, sage and many other food accents. Bold and seasonal colors will spice up any room, especially a country kitchen, throughout the year by way of charming garland or eye-catching wreaths. 


Caring For Your Preserved Display

  • Keep arrangements away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity
  • Some settling during shipping may occur; this does not damage the beauty of your display
  • Display indoors and gently dust delicate dried flowers and herbs often
  • Keeping displays covered when not in use prevents dust accumulation
Flower Garden Wreath