Leather Cat Bell

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Quick Overview

  • Handcrafted leather cat with beautiful brass bells
  • Crafted as cheerful ornaments for a mantel or door
  • Follow instructions for cat training below

Leather Cat Bell


Handcrafted country home accents created from cut leather with brass bells is a timeless piece you will treasure for years to come. Made in New England, this ringing feline serves a purpose that goes beyond decorative use: when hung on a doorknob by the brass ring on a front or back door, train your cat (or dog) to ring the bell when it's time to go outside. Lightly dust as needed. USA. Please see training information below. 7.75"H x 5"W x 1.5"D, 3" diameter ring

Hang on a doorknob and prompt your cat to ring the bells before you go outside. If necessary, reward your furry family member with a treat after ringing the bell and then once you step outside so they know to ring the bell to get to the other side of the door. Continue until he or she can ring the bell without treats and prompts; your cat can now alert you to when they need to go outside.
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