Cedar Insect House

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Quick Overview

  • Attract pollinators to your garden and yard
  • Draws unwanted insects away without pesticides
  • Constructed from rot resistant cedar
  • Includes easy mount hanger; imported

Cedar Insect House


Attract bees and insects to your garden with an insect house hung from a post or on the side of a shed or garage. The attraction of pollinators to this house will prove beneficial to the life of your flowers and plants, and improve the health of your yard. This particular insect house is a great way to draw unwanted insects away from plants without using harmful chemicals in your yard and garden. Made from rot resistant cedar. Easy mount hanger included. Imported. 12"H x 8.5"W x 4.5"D

Tips: Place the insect house as close as possible to the area you want the insects’ help pollinating and protecting, or where you have noticed insect activity (a flower bed, garden, blossoming trees or bushes, etc.) Bees and insects prefer a warm, dry place protected from wind and rain with exposure to plenty of sunlight. Morning sun is important to help the insects warm up and get out earlier in the day, which can allow for an earlier hatch in the springtime. Hang securely at about eye level, and monitor the insect house for activity. If you do not notice any activity over the course of a few weeks, the house may need to be relocated.
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