Wind Chimes, Brackets & Bells

In a garden or patio space, wind chimes and bells add a whimsical touch to your outdoor living areas with scrolled designs, animal silhouettes and of course, a twinkling melody when the wind blows just right. Ideal for a quaint cabin or primitive home, you can find the most complementary wind chime or bell here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

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Large Country Bell
Medium Country Bell
Cardinal Bracket
Black Cat Wall Bracket
Black Lab Wall Bracket
Loon Wall Bracket
Wall Mount Metal Bracket
Dragonfly Nature Wall Bracket
Heart With Bell Rain Chain
Steel Windcatcher
Songbird & Sunflower Wind Chime
Black Compass Rose Bell
Holiday Bell
Cadillac Mountain Wilderness Bell
Sunburst Rain Chain
Diamond Rain Chain
Crocus Rain Chain
Rain Chain Basin
Watering Can Rain Chain

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Sailboat Wall Bracket

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Moose Wall Bracket
Lighthouse Wall Bracket

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Select up to 4 items to compare.