Patriotic Flowers Spiced Hot Pad

Both a beautiful decor piece with lush and colorful flowers and patriotic flag, and a functional cooking tool, this pot holder is great for your pots or tea kettle or as a gift
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Product Highlights
  • Spiced with a fragrant cinnamon & clove aroma
  • Protects your table and counter top surfaces
  • Provides a cute decorative accent
Product Description

Patriotic Flowers Spiced Hot Pad
Showcase your love for patriotic style with classic red, white and blue Americana imagery. Bright flowers decorate a pitcher accented by a classic country star while an American flag adds the finishing touch. Spiced hot pad features cinnamon and allspice inside the cotton shell. Use with hot dishes or tea kettle to release the aroma while protecting table surfaces or kitchen counters. Makes a wonderful gift for a friend. Artist Alice Backman. Machine washable. USA. 10" square