Organize Your Kitchen

Here are some of our favorite kitchen accessories, furniture and functional home accents for instantly transforming a cluttered kitchen space into a workable area that is also aesthetically pleasing. For our entire kitchen storage and organization selection, click here
Enamel Bread BoxPrimitive Corner Bread Box Cupboard

Keep Counters Clutter Free

Keeping your kitchen counters free of clutter is a very easy way to ensure that time spent in the kitchen will be as enjoyable as possible. A set of Kitchen Storage Tins or enamel canisters keeps your tea, coffee and sugar within reach right on your counter. A Tiered Lazy Susan offers heightened storage options for herbs, seasonings, utensils and more. A Wall Bar & Bamboo Shelf Pot Rack can perfectly corral pots and pans, and can be kept by a stove or prep area for convenience. If you have an abundance of floor space, a bar cart or utility table can hold cooking tools, seasonings, and can even create a coffee bar in your kitchen, leaving plenty of room on your counters. 

Kitchen Storage Tins Set
Rustic Mobile Utility TableWall Bar & Bamboo Shelf Pot Rack

Fox Salt & Pepper Shakers

Functional Kitchen Accents

Salt and pepper are two of the most used spices in the kitchen. Make spices fun with a matching set of shakers like the Fox Salt & Pepper Shaker Set or the Squirrel Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. Store utensils or even ingredients in the Personalized House Crock, and enhance the personal appeal of your country kitchen (click here to browse more functional kitchen accents).

Let's Be Awesome Coffee Pod HolderEnamel Garlic Container

Hanging Around

Towels, aprons, mugs, pots and pans - whatever you decide to hang in the kitchen, these hooks are here to help! From a regal horse to a classic star, wrought iron is durable and complementary in any style kitchen. Keep your decorated or favorite coffee mugs organized and out of the way with this Four Hook Countertop Mug Rack. And although designed in the style of a primitive clothes dryer, this wall accent is perfect for keeping stock of your kitchen cloths, placemats and other kitchen accessories.

Four Hook Mug Rack
Iron Rabbit Wall HookWrought Iron Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

Keep Track of Notes and Lists

Looking for a spot to record  your grocery list each week? Try one of our handy boards built to store information, in style! The Home Magnet Board (which  includes nine magnets!) is great for posting notes, keeping lists on hand and offers daily affirmation. A Corkboard is ideal for small spaces on the wall, where you can hang a shopping list or the kids' art, and a chalkboard can be used to write a grocery list on throughout the week or tell the family what's on the menu for dinner. 

Rustic Magnet BoardHome Magnet Board & Magnets

Tips For Keeping Chalkboards Clean

After you have used your chalkboard for the first time, it may seem impossible to keep the dust and chalk remnants from clinging. We recommend occasionally wiping the board down with a damp cloth, followed by a dry one, to remove all chalk dust remnants from the board and allowing you to better read new notes. For a fun alternative to white chalk, used colored chalk to distinguish between notes, organize your shopping list, or keep track of schedules. Keep unused pushpins in an easy to locate area near your bulletin board so that you are never without a means to post a note!