Non-Braided Area Rugs

Protect Your Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you know how important it is to keep them scratch and dent free. Choose a rug in the size you need to cover as much of your floors as possible, keeping foot traffic to a minimum. Floor coverings will also provide non-slip properties when used with rug liners, protecting you, your floors and your rug all at the same time. Invest in a durable, easy-care rug to protect your floors and your piece of mind. No matter your style you are sure to find a rug that suits your needs, in the size and shape you are seeking, from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Vine Border Rug
Vintage Medallion RugGolden Leaf Area Rug

Buttermilk Folk Art Family Rug

Easy to Clean

If you live in a busy household, or if you have pets, easy-care rugs are what you should be looking for. Durable nylon, polypropylene and other synthetic rugs are popular choices for their rugged nature and easy to clean fibers. While periodic professional cleaning is always welcome, frequent vacuumming and spot cleaning is enough to keep these rugs looking as good as new. These types of manmade material rugs are as long-lasting as natural fiber rug options, such as wool. These synthetic rugs are crafted specifically to suit the needs of the modern family, at an affordable price to suit modern budgets.

Vintage Vinyl Floral Folk Art FloorclothOcean Breeze Rug

Simple and Neutral

There are many non-braided area rug options at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop that offer clean, modern lines and muted, neutral colors. These rug options are fitting for home decorators who are looking for non-braided area rugs that will accent and protect their floors, without drawing too much attention with vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns. Natural fibers such as sisal, jute and wool offer durability with modern utility for any empty floor area in your home. Take a look at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop's non-braided area rug collection to find a size, style and shape to suit your home and your budget.

Handwoven Sisal Rug
Jute & Cotton Black Woven RugJute & Cotton Sage Woven Rug