Non-Braided Area Rugs


Folk art, florals, felt circles and farmhouse colors bring function and fashion to any room in your home. Sturbridge Yankee Workshop's Non-Braided Area Rugs protect hardwood floors, evoke colonial styles and are soft underfoot. Bring home a lasting heirloom to showcase your decor with a focal point on your floors.

Non-Braided Area Rugs

Folk Floral Rug

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Area rug showcases a design that includes a floral component that's pretty yet sophisticated. Added intrigue of squares and stripes around the border makes this rug easy to use in any room. Rich colors offer depth  ...

Classic Folk Art Family Rug

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Rustic array of colors makes this rug a perfect option for display in any room. Gray-blue, rust, navy blue and cream are just a few colors used to depict a family's country life. We can see the familiar farm  ...