Mission Nesting Tables Assembly

Mission-style nesting tables are crafted of the finest imported hardwood with a classic design that blends with your decorating style, yet distinctive enough to add flair to any room. Keep them nested together, use them individually in one area, or scatter throughout your home. Suitable for end tables, plant stands, or telephone tables. Assembly.

Mission Nesting Tables

Large: 22"H x 14"W x 22.5"T.

Medium: 16.5"H x 11"W x 19"T.

Small: 11"H x 11"W x 15.5"T.


  • Before discarding packing materials, please check all parts and hardware are presented.
  • Please follow listed instructions below in proper sequence as numbered.
  • Upon opening, thoroughly clean all wood surfaces with furniture polish to remove dust and dirt that may have settled onto finish during shipment.
  • Place parts on a soft cloth.


Parts and Hardware List
Insert Hanger Bolts (I) into large holes on Small Top (F). Insert Machine Screws (H) through Short Side Panels (A), Small Top (F) and tighten into Hanger Bolts (I). Insert Dowels (J) into Blocks (G). With curve of Blocks (G) facing downward, insert Dowels (J) extending from Blocks (G) into Short Side Panels (A). See illustration #1.
Step One
Repeat Step One to assemble Medium Side Panels (B) to Medium Top (E). See illustration #2.
Step Two
Repeat Step One to assemble Large Side Panels (C) to Large Top (D). See illustration #3.
Step Three
Nest tables accordingly. See illustration #4.
Step Four