Meadowbrooke Gourds

Humble Beginnings, Handcrafted Charm

Located on a farm at the base of Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania is a small company called Meadowbrooke Gourds. Inspired after a trip to the New England Farm Markets, Benjamin Bear began his journey by simply shelling out a random gourd. After removing the seeds, seeing the potential of a crop that didn't rot out like the majority of other crops on the farm, and realizing the gourds actually only gained a harder shell, Ben knew he had something special. In 1994, Meadowbrooke Gourds was born and the rest as they say, is history.

Sunflower Gourd Tealight Holder

Much of what this fun-loving and hardworking company of about 20 or so employees does, is developed through personal inspiration and a friendly work environment.

A perfect example of what can be done with the various shapes of the gourds, is shown here in our Santa Pants Gourd Bowl. Not only is the bowl part crafted from a gourd, but Santa's feet are, too. One thing to remember when decorating with dried gourds is to never use near an open flame. If you would like to put a candle in one, use a flameless tealight or flameless pillar candle to reduce hazard.

Santa Pants Gourd BowlTurkey Gourd Tealight Holder

Designs For Any Occasion

Gourds can only be grown when there is no threat of frost, and in Pennsylvania that typically covers late spring through early fall. Ideally the gourds will develop a nice hard shell before the cold comes and the gourd plant dies. This is when the drying out process begins. As you might assume, smaller gourds dry faster than larger ones; all will weigh only ounces. Next, the great team at Meadowbrooke Gourds clean out the insides of the gourds so they are ready to be used in crafting. The gourds are smoothed and shaped into the desired form and are then ready for their artistic touches of carving and painting.

Ichabod Gourd Tealight Holder
Sunflower Gourd Accent Lamp

Some gourds have a fully carved out front, like our Pumpkin Gourd Candy Dish and the Ghost Gourd Candy Dish. Others are open at the top, and are accented with a minute handle for hanging or just propping among your collectibles and decor.

And that's not all; the Sunflower Gourd Accent Lamp offers a warm ambiance in your home with a small light that plugs in. Whatever your style, at Sturbridge we carry a variety of gourds that will work for the harvest and Halloween season. These items also make wonderful and distinctive gifts - see more by clicking here.   

Ghost Gourd Candy DishPumpkin Gourd Candy Dish