Maine Made Marinades & Mustard

Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have a large assortment of gourmet food options for gift giving and your own personal pantry. Each item shown below is made with all-natural, fresh ingredients, and all are made here in New England. Looking for something new to spice up your meals? Trying one of these delicious marinades or mustards will make you feel as though you just created them from fresh ingredients found at the local market. Serve any of these options at your next event and wow your guests. Click on the individual products for a complete list of ingredients and appetizing recipe ideas.

Atlantic Maine MarinadeOriginal Maine Marinade

Gourmet Sauces and Marinades

Grill and dip sauces are scrumptious and extremely versatile. These sauces are great for chicken dishes, either grilled or in the oven, and also prove delicious when you dip crunchy artisan bread into it. For additional options in the kitchen, try Atlantic Maine Marinade or the ever popular Original Maine Marinade. Create new and exciting pasta salads, create a delicious pan sauce or be creative and make a new appetizer for your next family event.

Portland Beer Mustard

Portland Beer Mustard

Spread this beer infused mustard on your favorite burger recipe, dip your french fries or create an exciting spread for weekday sandwiches. Ingredients include: mustard, mustard seed, pale ale beer from Maine, apple cider vinegar, water, honey, spices and garlic.

This gourmet food item is proudly gluten-free, salt-free and made with no artificial flavoring or colors. Not just for hot dogs and burgers, mustard also makes a great dip for soft or hard pretzels. Think about - and savor - all the possibilities!