Leaf Decor

Decorating with leaves might be the obvious choice when it comes to decorating for fall, but with our selection of leaf themed decor, lighting, ornaments and more, you will want to display them all year round. And you can: leaf decor lends well to a nature-inspired environment and offers the essence of being outdoors throughout all seasons.

Below are some leafy facts, and many examples of what we have to offer when it comes to decorating with leaves.

Leaves Lamp Finial
Falling Leaves Accent LampStained Glass Hanging Leaves

Lots of Leafy Trivia

1. A leaf is an above-ground plant organ for photosynthesis.

2.  Leaves are rich in protein, sugar and minerals, making them great food for animals and humans (i.e. leafy vegetables).

3. Deciduous trees and plants are the ones that lose their leaves during fall.

4. The loss of Chlorophyll (the green pigment) due to less sunlight is what allows the leaves to turn their pretty reds, oranges and yellows.

5. Fall foliage tourists, called "Leaf Peepers," find that early to mid-October is the peak for best leaf colors in Northern New England.

6. Leaves are made of many layers that are sandwiched between cells.

7. Leaf veins support the transfer of food, water and minerals throughout the plant.

Aspen Leaf Gold Plated Ornament
Autumn Maple & Butterfly Tabletop AccentsAutumn Maple & Butterfly Pillow

Autumn Festivities Tabletop Accents

Tabletop Leaves

Pictured below is our made in the USA  Leaf Harvest Table Runner. With a solid center and exposed vein detailing on the leaves, this lace table runner will surely be the star of your harvest dining table this season. The Tabletop Accents to the left offer a coordinating cotton option that also happens to be reversible. 

Although meant for hanging, you could also display our Lace Oak Ornament as a decorative accent on your dinner table, perhaps in place of a napkin ring or within a festive centerpiece.

Autumn Leaves Napkin Ring SetLeaf Harvest Table Runner

Leaf Lamp FinialRed Maple Leaf Night Light
Leafy Shade Iron Lamps

Scattered Leaves Around the Home

There are multiple areas of the home in which you can scatter some leaf decor from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Shown here is our Sugar Maple Iridescent Ornament, an authentic Sugar Maple leaf, dipper in copper and attached to a green organza ribbon. This autumn ornament is ready to hang in window or adorn a wrapped gift. For a hint of autumn color at night, the Oak Leaf Night Light will provide a warm glow in your room or hallway, while the Leaf Lamp Finial charms on a table, accent or floor lamp throughout the day (coordinating Leaf Fan Pull also available). 
Sugar Maple Iridescent OrnamentOak Leaf Night Light