Lace & Sheer Curtains

Lightweight curtains, most often used during warmer spring and summer months, can bring brightness to any window in your home. Versatile lace and sheer options can also be combined with opaque drapes for year round layering that will easily transition between seasons.
Ruffled Lace Valance
Spotlight on Sheer

Sheer curtains gently filter light from outside while remaining slightly opaque. Shown here in detail, our Pineapple Lace Curtains feature charming pineapple details that nicely complement the sheer look. Our Vineyard Macrame Curtains (now in blue) offer sheer appeal with delicate macrame detailing on the edge. Just the right amount of light from outside is filtered through both these collections, while the woven texture allows some privacy. 

Pineapple Lace Curtains

Lovely Lace

Highly sought after by home decorators, lace curtains offer old world appeal, feminine romance and delicate decoration on any window. Versatile lace curtains are especially appealing because they can so easily be combined with colorful drapes to easily enhance the style of any room. Offering a thematic appeal as well, lace curtains are available in a wide range of designs on our website. Choose from a variety of options such as Charlotte LaceWinter Lace Curtains, Pineapple Crushed LaceRhapsody Lace, Folk Lace or ever-popular Blossom Lace Curtains. Pick your favorite weave and coordinate an entire room's theme with other accents to complement.

Pineapple Crushed Lace Valance
Folk Lace CurtainsBlossom Lace Curtains

Transitional & Timeless

Insulated curtain options, such as Solid Insulated Grommet Curtains and Insulated Voile Grommet Sheers shown below, truly offer your windows the best of both worlds. Fully lined, they offer privacy and temperature control no matter the season. Just as we mentioned above with the lace curtain options, these hard working insulated panels look great when paired with solid options for extra protection from cold or light, or when used alone to let the sunshine in. 

Solid Insulated Grommet CurtainsInsulated Voile Grommet Sheers

Clamp RingsScroll Curtain Tiebacks Set

Loving Layers & Accessories

In addition to our versatile curtain options, we make it easy to love the look of layered curtains on your windows with many accessories. These accessories include the Double Curtain Bracket Pair, which can be used with your own curtain rods or our elegant Paramount Steel Rods. These brackets allow you to transform a single curtain into a layered display with ease. Use a sheer panel on the back rod and add an opaque or colorful panel or swag to the front rod for that decorator's touch you've been looking for.

Paramount Steel Add-a-Rod
Double Curtain Bracket PairParamount Steel Rod