Kitchen Textiles

Coordinate your country kitchen with matching kitchen textile collections. Unique designs by Alice Backman add charm and functionality to your kitchen or dining room. Pot holders protect your counters and your hands, as do hot pads which also emit a warm aroma when heat is applied. Sachets filled with various natural scents and spices produce a lovely aroma in a kitchen pantry or cupboard.

Kitty in the Garden

This svelte black feline peers amongst hollyhocks and sunflowers on a bright spring day, happy to be amongst the flowers enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of the garden. Pair Kitty Garden Hot Pad and Kitty Garden Potholder for a purr-fectly coordinated look in your kitchen. For added charm, each of these darling kitchen accents are made right here in the USA. Imagine the possibilities for decorating and the gift giving opportunities each piece offers.


Kitty Garden Hot PadKitty Garden Potholder

Bird Nest & Flowers Spiced Hot PadPatriotic Flowers Spiced Hot Pad
Sunflower & Blue Jay Potholder

Bright and Cheerful

Make your kitchen or dining room the brightest, warmest room in your home by creating an inviting space worth spending time in with family and friends. Bring more color into every meal with these whimsical potholders and hot pads with fragrant cinnamon and clove. Sunflower & Blue Jay Potholder is as bright as can be, showcasing vibrant imagery on a white background. It sure would bee cute to give this next potholder, Teapot With Bee, to a tea loving friend. Cat on Bench features a sweet kitting dreaming amongst the garden blooms.

Cat on Bench PotholderTeapot With Bee Potholder


Traditional colonial symbol for hospitality, pineapples will make your family and friends feel welcome. Pineapples are not just for eating - display them throughout your home to encourage a comfortable, welcoming vibe. To start, display the Pineapple Potholder on a wall rack or hook, and use it when welcoming and serving guests in your home.
Pineapple Potholder

Freshness Abounds With Lavender

Tuck a lavender flower filled sachet into a bedroom drawer or even a suitcase for a refreshing, clean scent on your linens. Create an extra special welcome for guest staying overnight by setting a sachet on their pillows before they arrive. Complete with sweet imagery appealing to many styles, sachets also offer a wonderful opportunity for gift giving or party favors throughout the year. 

Sunflower & Blue Jay Sachet