Keystone - Creating New Heirlooms

Between the whirling buzzes, pounding noise, and the general cacophony of sound, there is something special happening in a small town in Pennsylvania. The magic happens seemingly in the middle of nowhere on a small piece of acreage surrounded by farm land and old forests. In a nondescript building the sawdust and hammers fly.

Inside, there are journeyman and long lineage carpenters building what they know best - beautiful handmade furniture. This collective of craftsmen is known as Keystone.

Lancaster Storage Bench

A Hidden Pennsylvania Gem

At first look, the inconspicuous building blends into the landscape of twisting roads and rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Hidden inside this building is the secret to artisan, USA made furniture. Each individual piece of furniture is made by the hands of craftsman, and the Lancaster Storage Bench, seen here to the right, is no exception.

When you buy a piece of Keystone furniture, you can be rest assured that it received the very best attention from start to finish.

Lancaster Handcrafted Cubby Bench
Lancaster Hall Console TableLancaster Side Table Stain

Sustainably Sourced, Earth Friendly Lumber

Another Keystone product offered at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop is our Apothecary Stand, seen here to the right. The quality of the wood must be discussed, as Keystone takes care in sourcing their raw materials in a way that does not contribute to deforestation. Their lumber is harvested here in the USA, with sustainable practices and alongside suppliers who adhere to the sustainable forestry principles that protect the timberlands. With their lumber sources being local, and the reforestation rate occurring faster than the lumber is being cut for production, Keystone is able to maintain a small carbon footprint.

The cardboard boxes containing the product are 100% recyclable, and also contain recycled cardboard materials. Solid hardwood furniture is known as a 'green' item as well because rather than it being disposed of in the waste stream after use, it can be re-purposed, refinished, and reused for generations.

Keystone focuses on making the piece perfect: the 'just right' color of stain and slightly worn edges make the piece perfect in any home. It is all about the little things that create a better, longer lasting piece of furniture. The wood is formed, cut, and picked for its durability. Stain is applied and selected to enhance the beauty of the wood, and the furniture is fastened together with the knowledge that it will exist as a part of your home for years.

Apothecary Stand

All of these reasons support our decision to be a proud retailer of Keystone furniture.