Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25

Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are proud to share with you some great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. This collection of features products that are all priced $25 and under. Whether you're looking for the perfect hostess gift or a small addition to an existing gift, you've come to the right place. From handcrafted ornaments to made in Maine gift ideas, we're sure you can find something for that special someone, at just the right price.
Primitive Felt Stocking Ornaments

Ornaments are the Perfect Gift

It could be said that an ornament collection is not quite ever complete. Each year, add a new ornament to a friend's collection with any one of these unique options. For a festive touch on a gift package, simply fasten the ornament to the gift with ribbon or thread. An added accent goes a long way when giving gifts; little touches make the whole exchange much more heartfelt. Ornaments are simple gift ideas for last minute presents and gatherings, too.

Full Moon Maple Leaf OrnamentGlitter Star Ornament

Gourmet Gifts from Maine

Ah, Maine. The sound of the ocean and the wind whispering through the pine trees. The smells of the sea salt air and the sweet hint of balsam fir in the forest. There are so many things that we cherish about our great state of Maine, and we love to share these things with all of you. Bring gourmet treats straight from Maine into the heart of your home, or the stocking of a family member this Christmas, and continue to enjoy them on Christmas morning or throughout the year.


Blueberry Pancake MixAtlantic Maine Marinade

Measuring Funnel PitcherHomemade Christmas Cookbook

Gifts for Cooks and Entertainers

Bring out the bells for Christmas, and grab the entertaining supplies, too! Every budding chef and trained culinary veteran will appreciate a thoughtful gift made just for them and their kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home for many, and the stomach is the way to many a heart, so why not please both and give the gift that enables the creation of delightful treats for sharing this holiday season. Simple items go a long way, especially for newlyweds or new homeowners, and a practical gift (like measuring cups and spoons) can supplement something more personal, like a homemade cookie recipe. 

Non-slip Pastry MatIrish Blessing Soup Bowl

Gifts for Kids

Make the holiday season magical with items that are sure to please every kid on your list. Gifts that entertain, engage, excite and enthuse are sure to be high priority on this years wishlist to Santa. Give the gift that keep on giving with hands-on, educational and playtime presents sure to make Christmas morning exciting for any tyke. Craft kits, boardgames and imaginative treasures are all fitting options for today's modern child.

Browse more gifts for your children or grandchildren here

Classic Dominoes Set

Love Your Dog PillowcaseLove Your Cat Pillowcase
Dinner Is Poured Sign

Gifts for Friends

Close friends and family members deserve something special each holiday season. A perfect gift does not need to cost an arm and a leg, it is simply a thoughtful, kind gesture that you are making. If you have many friends with similar tastes, why not give them each something unique within the same theme? Make it easy on yourself this Christmas shopping season and grab the gift that will be both functional and decorative, all year long.

Bird Twine HolderBlack Cat Ceramic Mug w/ Lid