Add to Your Collection with Festive Holiday Sculptures & Musical Accents

Holly Sheep Sculpture

Collectibles including sculptures, figures, music boxes and more not only add whimsical, festive charm to your home throughout the holiday season, they also make wonderful gifts to give to friends! Place complementary collecitbles in a centerpiece or on a bookshelf for a pop of seasonal spirit that doesn't overwhelm your other decor. 

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Snowman and Cow SculptureCaroling Kids Seasonal Soft Sculptures

Music Makes Everything Merry

Add musical festivity to your home this season with collectible musical displays that will sit pretty and offer charming melodies on your mantel, a table in the hallway or even in your living room near the Christmas tree. Often these displays play multiple songs, to the delight of viewers young and old, and offer recognizable tunes for singing along as the snow gently falls. Glittering details, moving parts and illuminated scenes combine with charming painted details to create magical sets to display in your home.

Cardinal Scene Snow Globe

Santa Sheep Pull ToyMuletide Santa Collectible
Santa With Lantern & Satchel Sculpture

Folk Art Santas

Add an old world holiday feel to every room in your home this season with folk art Santa collectibles. Tabletop sculptures add instant charm, especially when they are placed in various rooms, and ornaments can be hung together on a mini tree or with shimmering decoratives on a large Christmas tree. The primitive hues of these collectibles are perfect complements to each other and add just enough color to your furniture and spaces. To start, we recommend browsing our selection of Williraye Studio™ Santa sculptures that come in all shapes, sizes and charming designs.

12 Days of Christmas Santa SculptureRed & Green Garland Santa Sculpture

Handcrafted Collections

What makes many collectibles so appealing is their handcrafted nature. Designed, painted and decorated all by hand, one-of-a-kind accents will enhance the homey feel of the holidays for years to come. Cherish their particular details and charming appearances as you collect complementing sculptures and signs or give as gifts to loved ones this season.

Christmas Tradition Clock
Dachshund House OrnamentBig Red Stocking Company Holiday Accent