Haeger Potteries & Industries

Celebrating Over 140 Years

Haeger Potteries, and its parent company Haeger Industries, have a rich history filled with pride and determination from the very beginning. Its values remain the same today as it is now run by the founder's great-granddaughter, Alexandra Haeger Estes. David H. Haeger was a German immigrant who started a company originally named Dundee Brickyards. That was the same year as the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. While neighboring Chicago, along the Illinois Fox River, Mr. Haeger helped to rebuild much of what was lost in the windy city.

Later, with the assistance of his son Edmund H. Haeger, the company officially became Haeger Bricks. It wasn't until 1912, after David's passing, that the company was able to transition into what is now: Haeger Potteries. It was always a dream of the family to create quality, American made artware, and they continue to do so today.

Stoneware Deep Pie Dish Haeger Large Rectangular Baking Dish

A Commitment to Quality

Family owned for over 4 generations, Haeger is dedicated to fine craftsmanship, quality, value and customer satisfaction. Haeger Potteries and Industries is proud of its innovative design and manufacturing processes; with attention to detail taken at every step during creation and production. At Sturbridge, we are delighted to carry many of Haeger's bake and cookware products.

Pictured above to the left, is our Stoneware Deep Pie Dish. The technique of hand-fired stone allows even heating, better baking, and makes this pie dish a long lasting heirloom piece. Your friends will be envious of the perfect pie crust you are able to produce. Also featured above is our Large Rectangular Baker, which is perfect for lasagna or casseroles.

Both of these baking dishes are lead free and, of course, made right here in the USA. Our Pie Dish and Large Baker also are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Now how is that for quality?

Haeger Oven Stone  Stoneware Baking Sheet
Baking Dishes

You now know that Haeger Potteries and Industries products are durable and long lasting, so it is time now get thinking about what you or a friend might be missing in the kitchen. Our Stoneware Baking Sheet is made of natural stone, in contrast to the painted and glazed stone above. It's perfect for desserts that take a longer time in the oven. The look of natural stone will give your kitchen a rustic and old world feel.

Another great Haeger tool in the kitchen is our Oven Stone. Achieve crispy pizza crust every time. Great for other thin breads or crisps too - it doubles as a serving tray with its handles and open design.

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop is proud to offer you, our customers, quality Haeger made bakeware that evokes family tradition and commitment to American craftsmanship.