Haeger Bakeware & Stoneware Care Information

--Stoneware Preparation--

  • Before your 1st use, wash by hand in hot water.

  • Preheat the oven, do not preheat the stoneware.

  • In choosing the appropriate sized stoneware, your food should cover a minimum of 2/3 of the stoneware surface to avoid thermal shock. Always distribute evenly.

  • Baking/cooking times will be longer if the recipe is for less than 15 minutes. If longer than 15 minutes, please follow your recipe and check internal temperature before serving.

  • Dense frozen foods, like roasts, chops and chicken must be thawed in your refrigerator before baking; frozen foods in hot stoneware can also cause thermal shock.

  • To prevent breakage from extreme temperature changes, always place your stoneware on a wooden cutting board or large trivet. In addition, do not put hot stoneware on a wet surface or cold counter top to prevent counter damage and scratching.

    --Oven Type & Safety--

  • The bakeware and natural stoneware perform best in conventional and convection ovens. Convection ovens may require less time and temperature than a standard oven.

  • Oven safe to 450