Ghost Horses Print

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Quick Overview

  • Artist Gary Crandall
  • A stunning display of wild horses in their habitat
  • Would look dramatic above a mantel space
Ghost Horses Print


When you take a look at the work of artist Gary Crandall, it is immediately apparent that he feels a sense of kinship, and has a deep appreciation for, wild animals. His art conveys to the viewer his respect to preserve these wild animals, and for us humans to cherish their existence and protect their habitats. This Gary Crandall print, Ghost Horses, conveys all of these emotions and more. Horses, at full gallop, look majestic and powerful as they stampede through the low grasses and dirt piles. Clouds of dust billow about them, shading out some of the horses in the background.

The misty sensation makes it feel as though these powerful wild animals have just materialized out of thin air. Nostrils flare and hooves pound as the clouds of dust are kicked up in the air. This stunning print would look most dramatic above a mantel, or in your living room. Makes a great gift for the horse fan in your life. Textured print is framed in black with a bronze-like detail trim that enhances the image spectacularly. To clean, lightly dust with a soft, dry cloth. USA. 16”H x 20”W

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