Full Moon Maple Leaf Ornament

Bring the beauty of autumn indoors with a unique maple leaf ornament dipped in gold plate.
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Product Highlights
  • Handcrafted from both natural and man-made materials
  • Real leaf is dipped in an iridescent gold
  • See below for significance of Maple leafs
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Product Description

Full Moon Maple Leaf Ornament
Gold dipped real Full Moon Maple leaf with berry or green colored organza ribbon. Ornament is handmade in the United States and handcrafted from a variety of natural and man-made materials. Due to using real leaves, each ornament can vary slightly from the picture, but all are beautiful and one of a kind. USA. Approximately 3"-4".

Maple Trees are a symbol of promise and practicality, as well as providing a source of balance. Maple Trees give us many practical uses. Such as: delicious syrup; something sweet to consume, produce and sell. Their wood can also be cut down for various building projects or can be smoked and used to cook food. Lastly, Maple wood is a tone wood, meaning that it is great for crafting musical instruments; another very practical use.