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Sturbridge Yankee Workshop's For Your Pet collection offers a wide variety of practical and whimsical accessories for the four-legged member of your family. Hang up your puppy's leash, store their food properly and add a special memorial in their tribute. We also have plenty of breed specific, pet themed decor not to be missed at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

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Give your pet an open invite to your new settee with stairs that match the furniture. Soft, cushiony steps will pique your pet's curiosity (and your cat may even decide to nap on them!). 100% polyester fabric with ...
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Handcrafted country home accents created from cut leather with brass bells is a timeless piece you will treasure for years to come. Made in New England, this ringing feline serves a purpose that goes beyond ...
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Encourage happy thoughts so that you may always be the kind of person your dog thinks you are. Oblong shape like natural rocks found in nature to lovingly remind you of your cherished pup. Hand cast stone is ...