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Folk Art

Folk artwork is an American tradition, evolved from early craftsmen and women. In the most basic sense, folk art reflects the conventional values of a society - this is why we may see a change in subject matter or style over time. The art form encompasses a variety of techniques from watercolor, oil or acrylic paintings, wool hooked rugs, painted or carved furniture and whimsical sculptures. All of these and more have become part of the style known as American folk art. Here we will highlight a variety of prints that exemplify the folk art spirit. 

The Visitor Print
Anna Margaretha PrintGarden Tub Print

Americana Barn Print


From red, white, and blue to patrotic displays of Old Glory and penny flowers, Americana is an easily recognizable art style cherished by many. Display these charming signs of American pride throughout your home with wall art options such as Americana Barn Print by talented artist Billy Jacobs. Billy Jacobs is most well-known for his authentic American landscapes from Ohio and Pennsylvania. He creates a welcoming feel while highlighting nature and pastoral scenes depicting the serene qualities of everyday life.

Old 1776 Rustic Print

Patriotic Garden Crock Print

Primitive George Washington PrintPrimitive Abraham Lincoln Print


Historical figures, such as George Washington, Mary Todd Lincoln and others offer a look back at American life as it was years ago. Adding vintage charm and American roots to a home office or den, wall art featuring historical figures from our nation's historical timeline make their mark with patriotic pride. Delight a history enthusiast by giving a historical print as a gift. Other options include whimsical scenes and historical depictions, like the vibrant Folk Art USA Map Print.

Folk Art USA Map Print
Mary Todd Lincoln Folk Art PrintGeorge Washington Print

Living Life Print


It's important to surround ourselves with things that inspire our hopes and our dreams. Our collection of inspirational themed folk art is something we're proud of. Living Life Print, by artist Bonnie Mohr, features lessons to live by such as: "Life is not a race - but indeed a journey. Be Honest. Work Hard. Be Choosy." View more by clicking here

Rural American Life

Spend some time taking a look at what life may be like for rural families living years ago. Exuding folk art charm, Sturbridge customer favorite artist Bonnie White showcases farm life quite perfectly in her prints. Raising the Flag Print makes us all nostalgic for summertime and carriage rides. Take just one look at a print featuring artwork by Bonnie White and you are sure to find yourself mesmerized as you gaze across the landscape of vibrant images meant to capture your attention and inspire your imagination.
Raising the Flag Print