Flower Power - Styling Flowers in Your Home

You have found the perfect flowers to decorate your home with, but aren't sure how and where to display them. Or, you're not sure which flowers will complement your style, let alone how they should be arranged. Either way, we're offering our tips on decorating with flowers as well as how you can keep them looking beautiful for as long as possible, outside of watering and/or feeding them, of course. With just a little bit of flower power, your home will become the fresh oasis it should be. You can find our selection of floral decor here if you opt for everlasting blooms or need a little extra inspiration.
Tricycle Planter

Choosing the Right Flowers

First comes the decision of which kinds of flowers you want to display. For low-maintenance, year-long charm we suggest faux flowers made from polyester or paper with flexible stems to maximize their realistic look. Oftentime these come in clusters to give you an instant bouquet, but you can also mix and match different shapes and colors for unique appeal. We recommend seeking out in-season varieties: tulips, poppies, peonies in the spring; lillies, hydrangeas, dahlias in the summer; carnations, gerbera daisies, sunflowers in the fall; holly, pansies, poinsettias in the winter. 

Red, White and Blue Faux Floral Bouquet
Red Metal PitcherFlowerpot Leaf Garden Trellis

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Vase, Jar, Tin or Planter?

The container in which you arrange your flowers will be the key to complementing your home and living spaces. For rustic country charm, use an antiqued tin vase or a distressed metal pitcher - even a ceramic jug! Use glass jars or vases in a centerpiece or formal displays; glass can also be used when you want the flower arrangement to make the bigger statement in a room. A terra cotta planter is idea for live potted flowers, and these come in so many shapes, sizes and colors you are bound to find one (or many) to fit your decorating style. 

Watering Can Vase with FlowersHappy Harvest Tins

Where to Keep Your Display

The simple answer is: anywhere and everywhere! Tall sunflowers, large hydrangea blooms in equally tall vases or rustic containers are perfect on the floor or a bench to add height to a room and accent a chair, staircase or doorway.

Wildflowers or those with shorter stems look great in centerpieces and on plant stands. Skinny end tables with multiple shelves are perfect for keeping your potted plants and flower arrangements in the spotlight.

Outdoor Flower Arrangement
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