Flower Blooms in Every Room

Decorate every corner of your home with vibrant flowers that will stay in bloom all year long. Permanent forever flower arrangements and displays are a wonderful option for adding natural beauty to spaces without the need for watering.

Below we have gathered a sample of the floral selection available now at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Take a look, and check out our tips for styling and arranging flowers in your home here

Calla Lily Faux Floral Bunch

Purple and Green

Springtime means finally seeing green grass, green trees and green foliage surrounding the many other colors of the season. Greenery enhances the natural appeal of any flower arrangment: light greens beautifully decorate white, yellow and pale colored flowers; while darker greens complement rich reds and purples. Our Purple Lilac Wreath and Hydrangea & Zinna Wreath feature gorgeous shades of purple combined with pink and white flowers among varied greenery. The fresh colors in these arrangements, as well as the vibrancy offered by the green colors, make them perfect for any room throughout the year. 

Purple Lilac WreathHydrangea & Zinnia Wreath

Sweet Pink

 Pink is a softer, lighter color option when looking for a feminine touch in a bedroom or family room. Full of versatile possibilities depending on which hue you choose, pink can vary from soft rose to rich salmon and bright magenta. Those seeking a romantic atmosphere should stick with softer tones while anyone looking for a splash of fun in their room can reach towards brighter pinks to enhance the playful mood. Ranunculus and our Pink Hydrangea Wreath both offer varying shades of pink hues to suit your taste.

Pink Hydrangea Wreath

Bold & Bright Red

It is well-known that the color red is as bold as colors come. Offering romance, warmth and rich tones for decorating country homes, this color is one that is versatile in the world of flower displays and wreaths. Choose burgundy and rust reds for rich tonal quality, and brighter colors from red berries or apples for a splash of vibrancy; red and green are complementary colors and truly shine together on the Berry Hydrangea Wreath and the Red Hydrangea Wreath. If red seems too rich for your tastes, try using softer variations toned down with cream and off-white furnishings.

Snowball Faux Floral BunchBlooming Geraniums Wreath

Faux Mini SunflowersGerbera Daisy Faux Stem

Golden and Sunny Yellows

Adding a bit of sunshine when the weather is gray and bringing warmth to a room throughout the year, golden yellow is also a great primtive color that is not too bright but not too subtle. Our Pansy Floral Bunch is a perfect example; the full blooms offer the instant charm of a fresh arrangement. The Dahlia Faux Flower Stem and Gerbera Daisy Faux Stem exemplify how complementary sunny yellows can be to other warm colors - there's no need to stray away from using it in your home. 

Poppy Faux Floral Bunch
Dahlia Faux Flower StemPansy Floral Bunch

Daisy Wreath

Wildflowers in Wild Colors

Add vibrant color with wild flowers, perfect for any decorating style. Pair with softer shades for a cheerful retreat in your bedroom or bathroom. Offer stark contrast when using colorful flowers in a traditional or white room. Wildflowers bring out the awakening and new life that we see in spring, and this vibrancy makes these displays versatile enough for year round use or for saving for special seasons. Our Daisy Wreath, Flower Garden Wreath and Bright & Cheery Wreath are perfect options for adding springtime charm to your country home on any wall or door. 

Flower Garden WreathBright & Cheery Wreath