Evening Visit Winter Print

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  • Artist Bonnie Mohr
  • Vibrant colors combine for a spectacular print
  • Showcases the simple beauty of life
Evening Visit Winter Print


It is the holiday season, and winter is in full swing, as the sun slowly sets on this rural country farmstead. An amazingly warm glow emitting from the evening sky reminds us that the days are shorter this time of year, and visiting friends are welcome company during the cold. A friendly looking horse, attached to his owner’s buggy, does not seem to mind the cold weather on this night. Inside the house we see light emitting from every window as the residents sit down with a warm cup of tea or soup to keep the chill out. Large deciduous trees in the background still hold onto a majority of their leaves, but the evergreens stand tall with deep green boughs ready to brace the season. White snow becomes a swirling kaleidoscope of color as the sun reflects off of the landscape.

Artist Bonnie Mohr is best known for her paintings of one of the favored farm animals, cows. She captures rural, American country scenes, creates inspirational paintings, and reminds us all to stop and enjoy the beauty that life has to offer. Textured print is set in a black frame. To clean, lightly dust with a soft, dry cloth. USA. 9”H x 21”W

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