Durham Forged Iron Table Assembly

Our Durham Forged Iron Table boasts a unique profile, with a rectangular table surface and curved pedestal style legs. The smooth top table surface is crafted of wood and features a light sheen to offer a formal appeal. Further detail includes the beveled and decorative scalloped edge of the table. Each of its legs are elegantly curved outwards, and connected by two interior crossbars for further support. The legs are made of hand forged iron metal with the appearance of a pewter-toned finish.
Durham Forged Iron Table


  • Place all wooden parts on a clean and smooth surface such as a rug or carpet to avoid the parts from being scratched. being scratched.
  • Remove all wrapping material, including staples & packing straps before you start to assemble.
  • Place the
  • Unfold the Leg Assembly, and place it upside down on the flat surface.
  • Place the Tabletop upside down, and place the leg assembly on top of it so the holes match up.
  • Screw on the Flat Washers to the Allen Head Bolts, and place them in each of the 4 holes.
  • Use your included Allen Head Wrench to tighten the bolts, and make sure they are properly secure.


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